On Dec 3, 2015 1:58 PM, "Remi Collet" wrote:
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Le 03/12/2015 06:51, Sebastian Bergmann a écrit :
Am 02.12.2015 um 09:42 schrieb Anatol Belski:
Do the Windows builds have to be available immediately when
the sources of PHP 7.0.0 are released?
I do not think that this means that the release of the source
tarball must wait for the availability of the Windows binaries.
I agree, this can't be a blocker.

But, in the past, downstream build done "before" announcement have
allowed us to detect and don't distribute broken versions.
On spot. Exactly that.

And testing that latest openssl releases (which includes security fixes)
work well with a php release looks like a blocker to me, even more if it
only means a couple of hours.

We had cases where the delay was days not hours, but we did not wait.
- - a recent 7.0.0RC was retagged because of huge regression in the
session management
- - a recent 5.6 released was repackaged because of missing files in the
"not-yet-official" archive

So, waiting a "few" hours is not a really big issue.

Of course, as there is a huge expectation for this version, and
internet have already start talking about it, we should really
announce it today.

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