Hi Zeev,
On Thu, Dec 3, 2015 at 3:55 PM, Zeev Suraski wrote:

On 3 בדצמ׳ 2015, at 10:09, Anatol Belski wrote:

I would just ask for some patience, as mentioned before - today by UTC the
announcement is going out. It is still December 3rd as planned. That's why I
was sending the awareness about the late UTC afternoon today.

We're not dealing with tax forms that have to make it in by midnight UTC but rather with humans. Humans who are very excited and literally can't wait to celebrate the release of PHP - a lot more so as an event than necessarily downloading and installing it right away (if that's what they cared about they could do it already).

Releasing it now would mean most of the world gets to actually celebrate it on Dec 3rd, instead of turning it into a frustrating waiting day. I find it hard to imagine people having an issue with us saying the Windows binaries would be coming soon. That's why all in all, I think it's a mistake not to push it out as early in the day as possible, in other words - now.

I also think that in general we shouldn't wait with source releases for binary release - but specifically in this case, it's too minor a thing in my opinion to delay a historical release like that of PHP 7.0.0.
The releases must be kept on hold until these binaries (and other are
done in the same time btw) are validated. See it as part of the QA. As
Remi mentioned, many issues have be caught during this process. If it
was only about delivering binaries, a day later will never be a
problem. But it is not the case. The case we are referring toi is to
avoid to have to do a fast patch release to work around an issue we
could have seen by validating the binaries.Simple.


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