On 5 January 2015 at 01:07, Andrea Faulds wrote:

Hi Stas,
On 4 Jan 2015, at 23:58, Stanislav Malyshev wrote:

I think it's perfectly acceptable that PHP makes a built-in type a
reserved word. I would certainly not change it to PHPInt to "avoid any
obvious clashes".
As I already pointed out, if we make it reserved word we'll have BC
problem. We already had this experience when goto became reserved word -
it resulted in a lot of breakage. This would be bigger, since we adding
more reserved words and we know they are used in a lot of class names
(and, possibly, method names too).
It is a BC problem, yes. However, it can be worked around in userland in a
way where unchanged code will continue to work on PHP 5, and changed code
will work on both PHP 5 and PHP 7. I think the BC break is worth it, though
unfortunate. I also wonder why we hadn’t reserved these names before, it
seems rather silly that you were ever able to make a class called “integer”
or “array”.

Note that this kind of BC break will gladly be fixed in major libraries out
there: we can rename those classes and announce the breakages ourselves
without too many problems.

The best way to eagerly detect this sort of problem would be to have a
php-nightly version on travis-ci, and then we could handle it ourselves and
without too much pain (already trying to get there, and mbeccati has a CI
system running with php7 and some major libs).

The only trouble that could eventually come up is with legacy software that
isn't tested at all.

Marco Pivetta



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