On 10 October 2014 22:34, Andrea Faulds wrote:
On 10 Oct 2014, at 21:27, Marco Pivetta wrote:

While rambling with some code today, I realized that `call_user_func`
behaves strangely, appearing and disappearing from stack traces depending
on versions of PHP. For an example, compare
http://3v4l.org/fGpIk#vphp7@20140901, http://3v4l.org/fGpIk#v530 and
IIRC this is a bug caused by PHP7 eliminating the call to the function
entirely, and instead inserting a normal function call opcode. See:

This could possibly be fixed somehow.
Having the stack trace entry there would be enough too.

Additionally, it seems like `call_user_func` and similars are impacting
performance in some parts of my codebase (event dispatcher logic).
In PHP 7, due to the function call removal, it should be just the same,
performance-wise, as a normal function call.
Good to know! And I suppose no additional stack frame is created either?

Therefore, here comes my idea of simply getting rid of `call_user_func`,
`call_user_func_array`, `func_get_args`, `func_num_args` and
My plan for it would be to add a deprecation (notice? not sure about that)
in PHP 5.7, and a complete removal of those methods in PHP 7.0.

BC compatibility is easily achieved as variadics (
https://wiki.php.net/rfc/variadics) allow for writing cleaner and less
complex versions:
“Easily” achieved? No. This would break an awful, awful lot of existing
PHP code with no gain. There’s no need to deprecate it any time soon. The
variadics syntax is merely a nicer alternative. We should not force people
to rewrite existing code to use it. There is absolutely no need to get rid
of func_get_args.

I would vote against any such proposal, and I hope others on the list
would join me in doing so.
I'd actually just deprecate any API for which there isn't a use-case
anymore, but that's my own vision.
As I've already demonstrated, a polyfill already exists and is easy to
implement/use too. Exactly like what happened with `register_globals`
(which is much harder to find), it would be a small addition at the
beginning of <whatever-legacy-thing> you are using.

Could you elaborate a bit on this?

Marco Pivetta



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