Am 21.07.2014 10:33, schrieb Zeev Suraski:
Regarding Dmitry saying that phpng is an experimental branch - that was a
couple of months ago. It evolved, it runs apps in parity with 5.6, and it's
fine to move it to master right now. The alternative - developing 5.7 on
master and creating a synchronization hell - sounds like a horrible course
of action.
  I was not able to run PHPUnit using PHPNG at all back when it was first

  I was able to run PHPUnit 4.3 (master)'s test suite using PHPNG last
  week, btw. Only one test fails (due to a change in the output of
  print_r() for SplObjectStorage IIRC). This tells me that there was a lot
  of progress :-)

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