We need to consider PHP-Next jump as an opportunity to
clean our API and finally have something understandable for a newcomer,
documented. That's a move nobody dared to take in the last decade,
degrading more and more our codebase in term of understandability and
flexibility. This can't last
It's absolutely fine to have separate discussions on cleaning APIs, new
features and any other changes people think we should do, but it absolutely
has nothing to do with phpng moving into master. We can take the
opportunity of a major version to do some cleanups, BUT:

1. It's independent from the phpng effort and RFC. We should vote on it as
soon as possible to remove any doubts that do linger in people's minds
regarding whether at all we're going to use it.
2. We should set a due date for this version, so that we don't wait
indefinitely for things to happen. We don't have the luxury of 'sitting' on
phpng for years, IMHO. This too is an independent question from this RFC.

I just cant believe we won't rework our API , fully and deeply, for
You're more than welcome to make such proposals and either write patches or
rally others to write them. This RFC doesn't preclude any other changes
happening in PHP.NEXT, it just removes the doubts about this being the basis
for the next version of PHP.

Regarding Dmitry saying that phpng is an experimental branch - that was a
couple of months ago. It evolved, it runs apps in parity with 5.6, and it's
fine to move it to master right now. The alternative - developing 5.7 on
master and creating a synchronization hell - sounds like a horrible course
of action.


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