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On 29 окт. 2013 г., at 14:13, Kevin Ingwersen wrote:

I have now taken some time and investigated some with a Makefile created with --disable-all. I noticed that basically everything seems to be compiled using Libtool, no stand-alone GCC at all. Is this normal? In the normal build process, it seems to always build with just GCC quite a lot of time.
Strictly speaking, php’s build system is driven by GNU Autotools (Autoconf, Automake). Makefiles are produced dynamically.
Automake uses libtool for building as it allows to get a nice cross-platform solution. “build with just gcc” won’t work as soon as you leave realm of linux.

Also I have started with basic conversions as well...getting somewhere. So maybe I can provide a PHP script to convert the Makefile to a build.ninja file, as to what I am looking towards to.

There is just one question I have left:

Zend/zend_language_scanner.lo: /Users/Ingwie/Work/drag0n-php/Zend/zend_language_parser.h
Zend/zend_ini_scanner.lo: /Users/Ingwie/Work/drag0n-php/Zend/zend_ini_parser.h

Do these lines just mean, that the .lo files depend on named .h files? The only thing I couldnt understand yet.

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