I just wanted to +1 for the idea but agree with Stas, Derrick and Zeev
on the implementation, a simpler way needs to be found to solve the problem.
On 10/22/2013 3:35 PM, Stas Malyshev wrote:
Just to explain why I voted "no". I think the idea is good, but what I
see from the patch is that it adds a *lot* of hand written state
machines which are going to be a pain to maintain. I do not think this
extra maintenance is worth the features - we've done pretty well without
Exactly the same here. I love the idea, but looking at the code I
realize even with my experience about what's going on in the engine I
have hard time understanding what's going on there, and we're not
talking about some obscure nook of the engine - parser is right in the
middle of everything. So I personally adding so much complexity is not
worth the cost. If we can find a solution to do the same (or roughly the
same, sacrificing some less important features) without adding so much
complexity it'd be much better I think.
Maybe if you made a good narrative explanation what's going on in that
code and it turned out it's not as bad as it looks and we just didn't
realize it, it would be more acceptable.

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