To be fair, the 5.5 situation without pulling in ZO+ is NOT the same as 5.4
was. Today, right now, there exists at least one stable open source opcode
cache. 5.4 had none for many months after release. So I'm not sure if the
same pressures exist.
If you are referring to APC as the stable cache, that unfortunately is
not entirely correct, it is still relatively easy to crash APC unless
some work-arounds are applied. I was speaking to a several people at
the conference just yesterday and they were indicating frequent
crashes with APC, the work-arounds appear to have solved their issues,
but those are not exactly obvious.
The discussion now is if we delay 5.5 to spend the time pulling it in core.
But either way (in core or not), ZO+ is open and working on 5.5 alpha. So we
could skip the core import, and just ship it today as gold, and it would be
adoptable straight away (unlike how 5.4 was).
Well the question around the delay, is what is the negative
consequence of the delay, versus the advantage of having a built-in
opcode cache shipped as part of 5.5 which is likely to give many
people an impetuous to upgrade from their current 5.2/5.3 install.

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