On Fri, Nov 23, 2012 at 2:00 PM, Nick Lombard wrote:

I would be inclined to pick the documentation option but it is obviously a
trick question, you should know that finding this form is a trick in itself
and I am making use of this chance/opportunity, if I may.

No this application does not follow the preferred route but please
don't just dismiss this outright. 15+ years envolved with PHP I'd
say this request is long overdue, would you agree? We could just as easy
allow another 15 pass. I'm not expecting blind trust you have all
right to deny this request, no hard feelings. I consider whichever
privileges you may bestow as responsibilities for which I'm
accountable both in misconduct and appreciation by application of the
opportunities where ever possible.

In the event I do have something to contribute, be it code, documentation,
bug fixing/reporting, entertaining new features or just a simple +1 where
it counts. Not having a username should not get in the way. I am passionate
of all aspects PHP and therefor cannot express preference facet nor the
other. Involvement will be governed by opportunity of which you hold the
initial deciding factor.

Not to waste your time and attempting to make best use of my own: The main
reason for requesting an account from the onset is so that I may be
attributed for my efforts, if you would oblige.

In spirit of the PHP license this request therefor does not come with ANY
EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES of contribution that may or may not be the
result of future involvement. Since publicly assigning your own name to
interactions is reputation bound it should already increase responsibility
and dedication but feel free to express any concerns you may have regarding
my request, if I may be privileged the opportunity to persuade you
otherwise or simply put any worries to rest.

I am already a proud PHP activist, this is merely the next step in
evolution. I thank you for your consideration and the opportunity to
present this request to be part of something phenomenal.


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We never heard of you ever again after this email (and I found no previous
mails since I'm around here either) and this is why we don't hand out
accounts before somebody actually contributes something.
If you are passionate about the project you should follow the list, chip
into the discussion, check out the bugtracker, send a couple of patches,

Ferenc Kovács
@Tyr43l - http://tyrael.hu

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