My concern with this type of patch is that what you are proposing are
not really hints, they are forced casts. As such they modify the data
potentially leading to data loss.
On Thu, Mar 8, 2012 at 9:32 PM, Anthony Ferrara wrote:
Hey all,

As promised, I've created a POC patch to implement scalar type hints,
the way that zend_parse_parameters handles hinting.  First off, here's
the patch:

Directly apply-able without re2c:

Removing generated files (requires re2c to compile):

It's a POC, but it mostly works.  There is one known issue: passing a
class implementing __toString to a string hinted function will raise a
segmentation fault.  There's also an issue of not separating the
argument on cast yielding to reference whether indicated or not, but
that should be easy to fix (it's just issuing a SEPARATE_IF_NOT_REF in
the cases where it would cast)... I'll work on cleaning it up, but I
wanted to show the concept before investing too much work...

So, basically, there are 4 new parameters:


The casting vs error rules are identical to zend_parse_parameters.  So:

function fooi(int $i) { var_dump($i); }

fooi(1); // int(1)
fooi(1.5); // int(1)
fooi("1"); // int(1)
fooi("1abc"); // int(1) + notice about non-well-formed numeric
fooi("foo"); // E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
fooi(true); // int(1)
fooi(array()); // E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
fooi($obj); // E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR

function foob(bool $b) { var_dump($b); }

foob(1); // bool(true)
foob(1.5); // bool(true)
foob("1"); // bool(true)
foob("abc"); // bool(true)
foob(true); // bool(true)
foob(array()); // E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
foob($obj); // E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR

function foos(string $s) { var_dump($s);
foos(1); // string("1")
foos(1.5); // string("1.5")
foos("1"); // string("1")
foos(true); // string("1")
foos(array()); // E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
foos(new StdClass); // E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR
foos($objImpl__toStringORcast_object); // string(result)

Float works like int, so I won't list it out here...

So, what do you think?



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