Numeric isnt' a type at all, it's some type of unicorn.
Seriously, stop inventing new types because it will not make a language
better, instead will give people valid reasons to critisize the language.
Either add support for type hinting of all primitive types or don't add it,
keep the language as is, but adding these new 'scalar' or 'numeric' is just
a horrible idea.

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Subject: [PHP-DEV] Scalar Type Hint

Hi internals,

someone in the "Return Type Hinting for Methods RFC" thread had the idea
of a "numeric" type hint. I will capture this idea and propose a
"scalar" type hint. I understand the problem of the current discussion
about scalar type hints(int, float, string, double, ...). But there
should be a possibility to define a "scalar" type hint to restrict
arguments to scalar types.

function setName(scalar $name) {}

class Foo {
public function __toString() {}

setName(1) // pass
setName(true) //pass
setName('Christian') // pass
setName(new Foo) // pass
setName(array()) //fail
setName(new stdClass) //fail

Why this isn't possible?


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