On the "Remove magic quotes" there seems to be an overwhelming support
from PHP Core and the community for removing it. Any reason there is
no definitive decision on the topic?

On Sun, Jul 17, 2011 at 5:08 AM, Stas Malyshev wrote:

Here are the results of the votes. I've split them into "PHP Group" - people
that have write access to the PHP code, based on SVN karma algorithm, and
"Community" - all the rest. Here it goes:

Declare PHP/php as namespace reserved for PHP internals
Votes: 57 total, 20 PHP Core, 37 community
For option PHP: PHP group support: 15 (75%), community: 28 (75%)
For option php: PHP group support: 14 (70%), community: 26 (70%)

This is clearly accepted. As it's docs only change, let's update the docs
3 people from PHP group voted against: auroraeosrose,cataphract,kalle. It'd
be interesting to know why, didn't hear anything on the list AFAIR.

Make primitive types (string, bool, int, etc.) reserved words

Removed for BC reasons, so no reason to count vote results.

Votes: 58 total, 23 PHP Core, 35 community

Every single voter supported it, nuff said.

Add option to disable POST data processing
Votes: 58 total, 23 PHP Core, 35 community

Again, accepted unanimously.

Support binary notation (0b1010101)
Votes: 56 total, 21 PHP Core, 35 community

Unanimous again!

Remove magic quotes
Votes: 54 total, 21 PHP Core, 33 community
For removal: PHP group support: 18 (85%), community: 32 (96%)

Again, 3 people voted against: derick,salathe,zeev. Any comments?

Array short syntax
Votes: 61 total, 23 PHP Core, 38 community
First option (just brackets): PHP group support: 15 (65%), community: 28
Second option (brackets and colons): PHP group support: 2 (8%), community: 7
Against both: PHP group support: 6 (26%), community: 3 (7%)

I think we can deem the first option passed, but not the second one.

Callable type check
Votes: 51 total, 21 PHP Core, 30 community
For callable: PHP group support: 13 (61%), community: 21 (70%)
For callback: PHP group support: 8 (38%), community: 10 (33%)
Against both: PHP group support: 5 (23%), community: 1 (03%)

We have clear majority here for implementing it, but preference on the name
is less clear. Personally, I strongly urge that proposer would consider not
to add another mess in our documentation and call it what it was always
called in our docs. Otherwise, I guess documentation team should go and fix
all our docs to say "callable" now.

Change rebinding behavior of closures
Votes: 33 total, 10 PHP Core, 23 community
PHP group support: 10 (100%), community: 22 (95%)

Votes for this one are sparse, but unanimously in support. If we have no BC
issues there, it's in.

foreach adds list support
Votes: 32 total, 11 PHP Core, 21 community
For: PHP group support: 1 (9%), community: 8 (38%)

Rejected, at least for 5.4, sorry.
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