I actually wrote that. I never imagined someone would actually find that

If you don't mind having a few external dlls, you can use dl (ick!) to
load the extensions.

I gave up supporting that because compiling the custom lightweight stubs
took more work than I cared for. I am considering reviving the project
and this time not writing in PHP (PHP should really not be used for GUIs

If you can wait a bit. I can setup my code (Visual C++ projects mostly)
on GitHub so you can clone and compile whatever stubs you want.

If you cannot wait, or want to tinker, here is a thread I wrote that
talks about making a static/stub exe:


Good luck!

Alec Gorge
On 3/15/2011 7:40 PM, Olivier Hoareau wrote:
Found one interesting tool named PHPACK :
http://winbinder.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1148 (windows only)

<http://winbinder.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1148>Tool is no more
supported (ended mid-2010), but seems to be working with PHP 5.3.

What it does : package php5ts.dll + custom php scripts into one .exe
(windows only).

Tested with my phar file generated a 3Mb exe file (not that big).

But limited support for extension (few statically linked extension).

I have not yet tested the exe file on a blank box (i.e. where php not
already installed).

Seems to be an interesting solution for my windows users.

Other ideas ?


2011/3/15 Olivier Hoareau<olivier@phppro.fr>
Hi Tomas !

Thanks for your proposals.

Create .deb package and make it dependent on PHP for Debian/Ubuntu. Debian
has docs and tools that allow to do that. PHP is in standard Debian/Ubuntu
software repository.
This solution does not provide me one of the goal I need to reach : that my
users be able to use the tool even if they already have PHP installed on
their system but with a version not compatible with the tool.
Let me explain why : the goal of the tool is to provide command line
actions for team (dev team) members, such as the ones (but not only)
provided by tools like zf / sf / maven (but not sticked to a specific
framework and working with all frameworks), so the targeted users are
already using PHP but with specific version of PHP (depending on the need
for the application they are currently developing). I would like to be able
to provide all the features my tool provide to those teams BUT without the
need for these team to "upgrade" the version of PHP they are using on their
desktop (mostly PHP 5.2)

Distribute .phar package alone for users who already have PHP. List PHP
extensions your package depends on.
This solution is already in use, but not perfect, for the problem I
described above, at least, because a small percentage of my targetted users
(at this moment) are using PHP 5.3+

Create automated installer for Windows which downloads PHP from the
network. See microsoft web platform installer for more ideas.
This is a possible solution if installing PHP in a custom directory without
system-wide installation and if 2 version of PHP can coexist on the same
filesystem without conflicts on extensions/php.ini/system variables, do you
have links ? (I will google it)

IMHO your package license is not compatible with PHP license. You can't
distribute PHP with BSD license.
OK, I was not aware of this limitation.
It is not a problem to modify the license of the tool to one that is
compatible with PHP license, my purpose is to share something, not to sell
it. Do you (are others) have advice on this specific points ?

Thanks !

Olivier H.



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