I am also interested in hearing the answer to this.

Alec Gorge
On 3/15/2011 4:09 PM, Olivier Hoareau wrote:
Hi !

I would like to be able to "distribute" (freely) a single executable
(binary) containing :

- php binaries (v 5.3+)
- a php script already packaged as a .phar (1 Mb, requiring PHP 5.3+)
- additional (optional) compiled extensions
- php.ini
- all other resources required by the php executable to run

The aim is to be able to provide a command line tool based on PHP but not
requiring my user to install PHP *before* using the tool (and only download
the tool as a single executable file to execute it)
I would like my users to be able to use this "packaged" tool (requiring PHP
5.3+) whatever version of PHP my users have already installed (or not) on
their system.

Targeted platforms are :

- windows (XP / Vista / 7) => 70% of my users
- linux debian-like (ubuntu / debian) => 20% of my users
- other platforms => 10% of my users

At this point, this is not a problem for me to have a huge self-executable
file (> 10Mb).
I need to be able to package a version of the tool using a batch (or
script), as I am using continuous integration.

Do you have ideas on how to reach this goal ?
The tool is open source, using New BSD License (currently, in beta version).

Thanks for your answers !

Best regards,

Olivier Hoareau

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