This could be good. A custom built site where people can vote for and
against (and maybe neutral) something and then post their reasoning.

Open discussion could still take place on internals, but a site that
would provide a quick summary would be handy. So RFC wiki page + user
registration tied to an email (preferably the one used on internals) +

We are all PHP people, whipping something up shouldn't be too hard :D .
On 9/15/2010 9:36 PM, James Butler wrote:
This thought is brought on mainly by watching the annotations drama that is currently occupying internals, does anyone else agree it might be a good idea to have a slightly more formal procedure for requesting features and then recording votes pros, cons, side effects, etc. against it. It might do a fair bit to stop anecdotal talk of how many people actually want a feature, and stop the list retreading the same arguments over and over again. Have no idea just yet what this would look like, but an thinking something between launchpad and the current php wiki.

James Butler
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