Hello Internals list,

Today i've had first successful compilation of the fpm sapi (in PHP src tree)
So here's a current status for these efforts:

Nick, who is the author of Libevent, says we should not need the modification.
Link: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=2856327&group_id=50884&atid=461322

Fpm is known to work with libevent-1.4.11 and 1.4.12.
Version 2.0a of libevent is supposed to be allright too, untested.

Its also likely that FPM works with earlier versions, again not tested.
So the build dependency is: libevent >= 1.4.11 in the configuration.

With the default setting libevent will be compiled-in (statically)
Otherwise telling configure "--with-libevent=shared" will be .so
If this isn't right, it can be changed.

Config / m4:

Contrary to a previous statement, i decided to go away and work on the
config by myself. So all the major / biggest config work are done now
and in position. However I am not entirely familiar with all the
PHP/2.13 conventions. Please expect for parts of my config to still be
improved upon. I'd be grateful for some reviewing of this
configuration which would be a very great help.

Directory structure:
sapi/fpm/src/fpm (fpm_init.c)
sapi/fpm/src/sapi (cgi_main.c)
sapi/fpm/src/config (fpm.conf.in, init.d.in)
sapi/fpm/src/man (fpm.1.in)

We can move the src files down a level to "sapi/fpm/fpm" or 2 level "sapi/fpm".

FPM build products:
There's still a few little things to be tweaked,
Nothing to worry about.

I shall continue making improvements for the time being.
Best regards


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