hi everyone,

(if there's a better place to ask this, my apologies and feel free to
redirect me!)

does anyone know here if there is any machine-friendly interface to
the php bug tracking system?

in debian we have a service called "bts-link"[1] which we can use to track
"forwarded" bugs in remote systems's (i.e. a bug reported in debian which
has been linked with another bug such as one on bugs.php.net). for
debian package maintainers this is a major boon since we can keep
better track of bugs that have been fixed or otherwise addressed

so what i'm wondering is: is there an easily parseable or structured
interface (xmlrpc, soap, read-only JSON export, whatever) to the php.net bts
that could be used to get a bug's information? or would such a bts-link
service need to resort to scraping the page for a particular bug's status?


[1] http://bts-link.alioth.debian.org/

ps - I'm cc'ing Sandro Tosi, who i believe could answer any questions
you might have about the bts-link service in case you would only
provide such access under certain conditions (he is not subscribed
to this list).


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