hi everyone,
On Sat, Jan 24, 2009 at 11:40:08AM -0500, Ilia Alshanetsky wrote:
I think our bug current tracker is pretty good and most importantly
makes it easy to report and update bugs which is conducive to more
issues being reported. Often extra features of bug trackers make them
overly complex to use and people just get frustrated with them and don't
report bugs as the result.
aplogies if what comes is just a little verbose...

for those who don't have the luxury of "building from the latest CVS
snapshot", the current tracker is sorely missing some kind of better
integration with your version control system.

by a couple orders of magnitude the largest amount of time i spend on
maintaining the debian php packages is the result of going on treasure
hunts through your cvs logs and commit lists trying to find just which
commits map to a particular (usually security vulnerability) bug, and
then making sure that there were no regressions in the fix addressed by
later commits. take the last issue with the Zip::extractTo()...

while you might not consider my request important enough to address
(i.e. "we don't support 3rd-party distros so we won't go out of our way
on this"), this has implications for intra-project issues as well.

for example, when a bug affects multiple branches, those doing RM work
would probably be interested in knowing that the fix was applied to each
of the relevant branches.

while i'm sure there are more technical ways of integrating support
for this, one very easy way is to just map CVS/svn/etc commits to bug
reports transparently. if a commit contains something like '#nnnn' in
the commit message, you could have it post the commit info to the tracker.
then a quick read of the bug report should be the only thing necessary
to know if each of the branches have recieved a fix. and as a side
effect it would also solve the problem for those of us who
package/distribute php externally...

anyway, sorry if this is hijacking the thread just a bit, but having
just spent a large part of my "free time" doing some of this stuff,
i felt compelled to throw this in.


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