hi pierre

sorry, was already asleep when you came looking for me on IRC :)
On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 11:25:21PM +0100, Pierre Joye wrote:
it is fixed in 5.2.7RC2 or RC3, see:
FSVO "fixed" that includes segfaulting, anyway :)
No idea, can you open a bug and post the backtrace, a zip data to
reproduce the problem and a simple script please? Simply post the
links you gave here. I will take a look at them as soon as possible.
On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 12:54:38AM +0100, Pierre Joye wrote:
But it crashes in 5.2, it seems to be a problem in virtual_file_ex, it
return an empty string instead of the expected path.
/* Resolve path relatively to state and put the real path into state */
/* returns 0 for ok, 1 for error */

and it's returning 1 in this case, so it's an unhandled error, which is
then also unhandled in php_zip_extract_file, as previously suggested.
Can you try the attached patch please? against 5.2. I backported the
necessary functions from TSRM and removed what we do not use. It
should fix the problem.
sadly, i think there's been too much change in TSRM etc between 5.2<->5.3,
so more functions would need to be backported afaict. maybe it'd be
better to try and figure out why the existing virtual_file_ex doesn't
like this filename, since it might affect other codepaths too?

rangda[/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8] make :)
/bin/sh /home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/libtool --silent --preserve-dup-deps --mode=compile gcc -Iext/zip/ -I/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/ -DPHP_ATOM_INC -I/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/include -I/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/main -I/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8 -I/usr/include/libxml2 -I/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/date/lib -I/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/TSRM -I/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/Zend -g -O0 -c /home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c -o ext/zip/php_zip.lo
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:175:39: error: macro "tsrm_do_alloca" passed 2 arguments, but takes just 1
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c: In function 'php_zip_realpath_r':
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:175: error: 'tsrm_do_alloca' undeclared (first use in this function)
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:175: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:175: error: for each function it appears in.)
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:207:35: error: macro "tsrm_free_alloca" passed 2 arguments, but takes just 1
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:207: error: 'tsrm_free_alloca' undeclared (first use in this function)
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:215:33: error: macro "tsrm_free_alloca" passed 2 arguments, but takes just 1
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c: In function 'php_zip_extract_file':
/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8/ext/zip/php_zip.c:487: warning: passing argument 6 of 'php_basename' from incompatible pointer type
make: *** [ext/zip/php_zip.lo] Error 1
rangda[/home/sean/Desktop/php-5.2.8] [2] :(


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