hey pierre,

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On Thursday 10 January 2008 11:22:52 am Pierre wrote:
Besides the issues listed by Derick, there is two problems with these
choices (distro making design changes to upstream software). First it
that's sort of the point of open-source software, though yes ideally the
changes (a) don't break or confuse things and (b) make their way "back
upstream", and (c) are acceptable by the author. in this case there's some
concern about (a) and (c), but it seems joe has followed up with another
patch and i'd be interested to see if that changes anything.
creates an uncontrollable gray area where you have to be lucky if your
software works out of the box on a given distribution. PHP (and GD in
i think that's taking things a bit into hyperbole...
particular) is a pain on Debian (btw, is the pollitics about libgd in
debian finally gone? :( ). Please don't add the timezone to the list
of troubles.
like you i gave up dealing with the debian libgd maintainer, but at least it
looks like he's keeping up to date with the latest releases now. would be
nice if he made an update to stable too....
The 2nd problem are the ISPs and other sys admins. They keep outdated
or customized systems on their systems. If distros start to use the
system timezone, I'm sure we will see very old databases on many
servers in a couple of years. That's an upcoming bomb. It is not
directly the distributions fault, but this problem is particullary
true for Debian users (IPS using debian). Debian being conservative,
their users are even more conservative and reluctant to update their
systems. The worst is that they even follow blindly your choices.
i think joe adequately addressed these points in a later mail, so i won't kick
a dead horse :)


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