On Aug 16, 2007, at 10:08:12, Alexey Zakhlestin wrote:

1) did you try to hook into your extension with debugger?
2) is your extension open-source (I mean: can you show the actual
3) do you develop your extension with both zts and debug modes
Digging a little further into the issue which I thought was just
related to my module (it appears that all of the shared extensions
don't work as expected either), I came up with the following.

After examining the build/link phases it appears that it doesn't seem
to like the allow_undefined_tag if you build using gcc 3.3 or gcc 3.5
or you build for more than one cpu architecture.

I tried adding the '-flat_namespace' to the CFLAGS as a possible
solution however it complains that you cannot specify '-
flat_namespace' and '-twolevel_namespace' at the same time which is

I edited the Makefile and removed the '--silent' directives so I
could see the actual build take place and for some reason it appears
to default to using the non-pic items even for the shared extensions
but if you force the creation of just the shared extension with the '-
dynamic' flag it then utilizes the pic objects which is strange
because you would think that the '-prefer-pic' would force the use of
the pic objects if they are available.

Since Apple has crossed over the platform bridge with it's intel line
of hardware, building in multiple architecture is going to become a
normal way of life so perhaps a more dynamic solution might be in order.

I substantiated my findings with the following edits (in two places)
to the configure file: (this was a temporary workaround pending a
proper solution by the dev-team)

darwin* | rhapsody*)
case $host_os in
rhapsody* | darwin1.[012])
allow_undefined_flag='${wl}-undefined ${wl}suppress'
*) # Darwin 1.3 on
if test -z ${MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET} ; then
allow_undefined_flag='${wl}-flat_namespace ${wl}-
undefined ${wl}suppress'
allow_undefined_flag='${wl}-flat_namespace ${wl}-
undefined ${wl}suppress'
# allow_undefined_flag, $1)='${wl}-undefined ${wl}
allow_undefined_flag='${wl}-flat_namespace ${wl}-
undefined ${wl}suppress'

Now that I've isolated the build issue, can this be resolved without
requiring manual edits to the configure script?

Perhaps a test of the active gcc version?

Testing the CFLAGS/CPPFLAGS/LDFLAGS for '-arch' might be a bit
problematic since they are sometimes provided before the configure
command, sometimes as part of the environment.

As well, to avoid wasting build time on static libs that aren't used
in Mac OS X, I made an additional change to the configure script:
(not really required)

if test "$GCC" = yes ; then
archive_cmds='$CC -dynamiclib $allow_undefined_flag -o $lib
$libobjs $deplibs $compiler_flags -install_name $rpath/$soname
#module_cmds='$CC $allow_undefined_flag -o $lib -bundle
$libobjs $deplibs$compiler_flags'
module_cmds='$CC $allow_undefined_flag -o $lib -dynamic -
bundle $libobjs $deplibs$compiler_flags'

All this does is prevent the static modules from being built (no
name.a files, only name.so files).
On 8/16/07, BuildSmart wrote:
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I wrote an extension/module (quite some time ago) for PHP4, for the
last year or so (on and off) I've been rewriting it for PHP5.

Under PHP4 it works properly as an embedded extension or a loadable

Under PHP5 it only appears to work properly as an embedded extension
but when it's a loadable module it fails to work properly.

What I mean by 'fails to work' properly is that it doesn't perform
the tasks it's supposed to perform.

I realize that this is not very explanatory and I really don't know
how else to explain it.

Since I don't know what the problem is or where to begin I was hoping
I could find some kind soul with a little time could assist me in
resolving this problem.

- -- Dale

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