Just curious, why did you choose to mutex around a hash instead of
using the zend_ts_hash functions?

Changing the access semantics while preserving the type and name of
that variable will cause any external modules that are unaware of that
change to subtly break, or if you're lucky, crash hard.

Seems "better" to make that break a little bit more obvious by
changing the name, or introducing an API to encapsulate the correct
access semantics.

These are just suggestions. My main comments are that the locking
macros are mildly ugly and that a lack of compile time enforcement on
the new locking requirement will cause people pain with modules
outside of the main php distribution.


On 3/5/07, Michael Vergoz wrote:

I made a patch that "mutex'ed" module_registry and module_count.
For the moment it doesn't solve the dl().

The patch for last CVS PHP_5_2

Small description :

Michael Vergoz

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Subject: Re: [PHP-DEV] Thread safe problem on module_registry (Zend API
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On Thu, March 1, 2007 7:29 am, Michael Vergoz wrote:

I don't claim to understand this issue fully/deeply, but I'm
definitely +1 on resurrecting 'dl' if this change fixes everything to
everyone's satisfaction.

Not that my vote actually counts, as I've never had the skills/time to
actually contribute C code to PHP.

I may be the only user on the planet with a shared host that lets me
use 'dl' to pull in extensions, but there it is, and I kinda need it,
as there are no other viable options to do what I need to do, other
than changing to a new webhost I might not like... :-)

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