Von: Andi Gutmans
BTW, just to clarify, I am not against a Date class (whatever its
name) in the long run but I think it'd probably be a
combination of work Derick, Pierre and new contributions.
It would be nice if there would be some 'official' statement as to there
will be some kind of namespacing concept before the time where the
language core will start picking and reserving class names in a broad

To me it seems that right now the "inner circle" seems to agree that the
core may pick names at random and has a right of way, so that it is up
to the php infantry (us coders) to use prefixed class names or whatever
to at least mitigate the risk of name collisions.

Anyways, I think there should be a discussion about policy issues:
- Deadlines for new features/BC breaks
- What may be changed in RCs, when will a RC have to be revoked and the
release process re-started
- How can we make sure at least some of the more popular projects have
enough time to resolve problems
- Who may do what and who will have to agree/sign/back the decisions
- How changes/BC breaks will be recorded and announced in an clear,
non-understating manner
- What long-term enhancement/feature/change/migration/BC-breaks plans
are there?

I still don't understand why - despite all the discussion here - the 5.1
release is still on the php.net website, being publicy announced and
there is not even a single hint what problems users might run into.

Every major company has a disaster recovery plan to make things go quick
in case of emergencies. The release is out for almost 24h now and
nothing happens.


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