If you prefer a PHP which causes strange crashses and memory
corruptions, please downgrade to 4.3.11. I am getting tired
about this
bickering about this **FIX** that makes PHP stable.
You got me wrong here. I did not want to say anything against the 4.4.0
fix or even blame you for it.

But: nobody doubts that there has been a lot of public discussion about
it, that people were upset because they felt the language has been
changed in a way that caused them a lot of work and because their
scripts suddenly broke (and if only a by showing a warning or notice,

I was only saying that you (i. e. the people who have enough karma to
make the final decisions here) should not light-heartedly make such a
change - and in this case, with no obvious need for it (apart from
cleaning up - I know myself that sometimes this is tempting for

As to the possible impact - I did a quick scan of Smarty and
phpDocumentor (because I used to have CVS HEAD checkouts of them at
hand) and found that both of them would be affected. Please, do not make
such a change that late in an RC5 and push it out with PHP5.1. At least
give the maintainers of popular PHP based projects some time to pick it
up and test it.

As with the 4.4.0, this is nothing you cannot fix or workaround or
suppress with an appropriate config. But once again the average user out
there might once again feel lost out there simply because his hoster did
the upgrade.


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