Hi Steph,

Maybe in section 4, explain what the result of the change is. You explain
what was wrong in the past, but don't really cover what the new behavior is.

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From: Steph Fox
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2005 9:11 PM
To: internals
Subject: [PHP-DEV] Upgrade notes for PHP 5.1 - 4th draft

I know it's 50-50 at least one of these items will change before my mail
reaches the list, but here's version 4 for your perusal.

Note: I have type hints for arrays down as being 'still under discussion'
this isn't actually ready to go.

I've thrown out new features such as the Zend VM execution modes (and am
still debating whether to throw out default class type hints) because they
should be covered elsewhere, and I haven't done anything about replaced
extensions (e.g. w32api => ffi) because they should be covered in the
manual. I've some fear of terrifying would-be upgraders with an
unnecessarily long list here :)

Please be critical.


- Steph

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