Fresh checkout of current HEAD:

E:\home\php\php5>cscript /nologo configure.js
d --enable-debug --with-mysql --with-xsl
Saving configure options to config.nice.bat
Checking for cl.exe ... <in default path>
Checking for link.exe ... <in default path>
Checking for nmake.exe ... <in default path>
Checking for make.exe ... <in default path>
Checking for arpa\nameser.h ... ..\build\php_build\include

Build dir: Debug_TS
PHP Core: php5ts_debug.dll and php5ts_debug.lib

Checking for wspiapi.h ... <in default path>
Enabling IPv6 support
Enabling SAPI sapi\cgi
Enabling SAPI sapi\cli
Enabling extension ext\bcmath
Enabling extension ext\calendar
Enabling extension ext\com_dotnet
Checking for mscoree.h ... ..\build\php_build\include
Enabling extension ext\ctype
Enabling extension ext\dom
Enabling extension ext\ftp
Checking for libjpeg.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for freetype2.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for libpng.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for zlib.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for gd.h ... ext\gd\libgd
Enabling extension ext\gd
Checking for iconv.h ... ..\build\php_build\include
Enabling extension ext\iconv
Checking for libxml2_a.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for iconv_a.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for libxml/parser.h ... ..\build\php_build\include
Enabling extension ext\libxml
Checking for libmysql.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for mysql.h ... ..\build\php_build\include\mysql
Enabling extension ext\mysql
Enabling extension ext\odbc
Enabling extension ext\pcre
Enabling extension ext\session
Enabling extension ext\simplexml
Enabling extension ext\sqlite
Enabling extension ext\standard
Enabling extension ext\tokenizer
Enabling extension ext\wddx
Enabling extension ext\xml
Checking for libxslt_a.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for libxslt\xslt.h ... ..\build\php_build\include
Enabling extension ext\xsl
Enabling extension ext\zlib
Checking for zlib_a ... <not found>
Checking for zlib_a ... <not found>
Checking for zlib.lib ... ..\build\php_build\lib
Checking for zlib.h ... ..\build\php_build\include
Enabling extension E:\home\php\pecl\spl

Creating build dirs...
E:\home\php\php5\configure.js(725, 4) Laufzeitfehler in Microsoft JScript:
Ungültige(r) Dateiname oder -nummer.

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