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ID: 38237
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Reported By: phpbugs at majiclab dot com
Status: Wont fix
Bug Type: Documentation problem
Operating System: n/a
PHP Version: Irrelevant
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There /are/ anchor tags. See:
for example.


Previous Comments:

[2007-08-17 05:46:53] phpbugs at majiclab dot com

I can accept #1, but as for #2, I agree long pages can be more
practical... However, without anchor tags being used, it makes that one
long page very unfriendly. It'd be great if you could add links at the
top of the page that jump down to each class' section.


[2007-08-17 05:09:11]

1. Reflection methods don't have/need separate documentation.
2. Long pages are practical.


[2006-07-27 16:54:40] phpbugs at majiclab dot com

Could the Reflection Class documentation be moved or added to the main
function reference for PHP? I see two big improvements from this:

1. Reflection methods/etc. would be searchable in the "function list"
search method.
2. Documentation would be split up over several pages rather than all
one page.


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