I think the reason DL_ERROR is defined in java.c for win32 platforms is that
there is no dlerror() function for win32. I'm only guessing because I have
no win32 platform to test on.

On unix platforms, DL_ERROR is defined in zend.h as the function name for the
dlerror() equivalent.

Can someone verify that there is a dlerror() function for win32? Here is the
current code from java.c

#ifdef PHP_WIN32
#include "win32/winutil.h"
#define DL_ERROR php_win_err


On Mon, 25 Nov 2002, Dan Kalowsky wrote:

Comments on the patch.

Don't redefine DL_ERROR, this should already be defined by the ZEND
engine, but just check to make sure ;)

All of your build problems are known problems. If you can fix them,
excellent! Just wondering if this has been tested against windows
where the most prevalent errors seem to be the improper
loading/unloading of the JVM.

On Monday, November 25, 2002, at 01:00 AM, Tony J. White wrote:

I'm made a stability fix to the PHP Java extension. A full
description of the
changes as well as the updated java.c file (and patch) can be found


Can someone please add this to CVS or should I contact Sam Ruby (the
author) to do it?


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