ID: 14754
Comment by: tjw@webteam.net
Reported By: j.kase@privador.com
Status: Open
Bug Type: Java related
Operating System: Windows XP Home / Apache 1.3.24
PHP Version: 4.2.1 & 4.3.0-dev
New Comment:

Configuring apache with "MaxRequestPerChild 1" and "KeepAlive Off"
will also fix this problem. Granted, it's probably worse than running
php in cgi mode performance-wise, but it's more secure.

Previous Comments:

[2002-11-08 15:55:28] sean@sbdconsultants.com

Some people have suggested that switching to use PHP in CGI-mode
alleviates this problem. (However, I am unwilling to do this to solve
the problem anyway.) Does this recommendation maybe shed some light on
the cause?


[2002-11-05 09:58:27] rodgar@airtel.net

I have switched from hotspot jvm to classic jvm but the problem


[2002-10-27 12:31:34] pugztoma@pit.ktu.lt

I have experienced the same problem.
But switched from hotspot jvm to classic
and problem disappeared.
I am using:
php 4.2.1, apache 1.3.xx
java.class.path = E:\php4.2.1\extensions\php_java.jar
java.home = E:\jdk1.3\jre
java.library = E:\jdk1.3\jre\bin\classic\jvm.dll


[2002-10-24 06:23:03] rodgar@airtel.net

I experimented this from php 4.2.2. Now, I'm running php 4.2.4 (the
snapshot from 23-Oct-2002 17:22) on Apache 1.3.27 and WinNT 4.0 and the
error still appears.


[2002-10-08 14:51:48] kalowsky@php.net

Marking as open and updating version


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the rest of the comments, please view the bug report online at

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