Hello QA-folks @ PEAR

I would like to take over the maintaince of the package XML_XPath, which
currently is unmaintained. My intentions is to keep this package up to
date with the currently stable XPath specification and later on
integrate it with BPEL.

I also have a concrete interest in this package, because I'm writing my
final diploma project at the University of Copenhagen, as part of this
project, I implement a software component. This software component is
titled "Light-weight PHP engine for BPEL based on XML-rewriting". Here I
use PHP and DOM, where XPath expressions are natural.

Please feel free to read more about me on my website
http://www.theemann.dk or contact me by mail or on the irc channel
#phpc, where my nick is dkT.

I really hope that you will give me the opportunity to make an impact on
this package in the future. I'm looking forward to hear from you soon.

Kind regards
Daniel K. Theemann

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