hi greg,

thanks for the response.
On Sunday 26 August 2007 01:08:51 am Gregory Beaver wrote:

All recent versions of install-pear-nozlib.phar are in the installphars
package, which is available from http://pear.php.net/pearweb_installphars 404 :(
Here's how the process works:

okay thanks for the crash course!
1) I make the install-pear-nozlib.phar and go-pear.phar
really, i'm most interested in this part. when you create the phar, do you do
so from a CVS tag on your pear repository typically? or when you say this:
As new versions are released, the changelog shows which internal package
versions are bundled. You can use this as a reference for building a
new PEAR installation. I highly recommend this, as it is the direct
source for the PEAR .phar inside PHP itself indirectly.
should i take it as meaning there isn't a single pear repository that
generates the phar, but rather the core pear plus a series of other exported

to give you some background, the process of building a debian package is
something like:

- unpack the "original tarball"
- apply a set of patches (debian-specific, fixes, security, etc)
- configure/build the software
- install it in a path relative to some build directory
- build a deb based on that build directory

which isn't too different from the rpm-building process for those familiar
with that (just a little cleaner...).

so having the code wrapped up in a phar adds an extra level of indirection
between the first couple steps there, as the "original tarball" would contain
a phar file that would then need to be unpacked, which probably means
shuffling a few other of those steps around, which is kind of what we do with
the current php-tarball-bundled-phar. it's a bit of a pain (esp
setting/changing default config options) but it may be that this is less of
a hassle/problematic/human-error-prone in the long-run than manually tracking
the which modules/versions to bundle and home-rolling our own debian phar


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