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  ID: 20101
  Updated by: gsherwood@squiz.net
  Reported By: slangley@google.com
  Summary: CodeSniffer doesn't work when run from a symlink farm
-Status: Feedback
+Status: Closed
  Type: Feature/Change Request
  Package: PHP_CodeSniffer
  Operating System: linux
  Package Version: 1.5.0RC4
  PHP Version: Irrelevant
  Assigned To: squiz
  Roadmap Versions:
  New Comment:

-Status: Feedback
+Status: Closed
I've had no interest in this and can't setup an environment for testing,
so closing as
no patch is available.

Previous Comments:

[2013-10-24 06:40:30] squiz

The PHP on the front on that include is for the PEAR installed version.
If your
include_path correctly specifies the PEAR php_dir (pear config-show)
then that include
will work fine. The is_file() checks are for when running the code
directly from a git


[2013-10-24 06:34:05] slangley


Might want to spin this off into a separate bug.

if (is_file(dirname(__FILE__).'/../CodeSniffer/CLI.php') ===
true) {
     include_once dirname(__FILE__).'/../CodeSniffer/CLI.php';
} else {
     include_once 'PHP/CodeSniffer/CLI.php';

The else conditional assumes an install under PHP/ which is not a
requirement, and
is not consistent with the autoloader.


[2013-10-24 06:30:55] squiz

-Type: Bug
+Type: Feature/Change Request
This isn't a bug with how PHP_CodeSniffer functions, but I'll leave this
as a feature
request in case I get some more support for this particular
configuration. If you have
a patch that works for you, please let me know and I'll look at it


[2013-10-23 05:23:01] slangley

Image all of the files are symlinked back to the original sources, one
by one, not just
the top level directory.


[2013-10-23 05:12:45] squiz

-Status: Open
+Status: Feedback
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: squiz
I don't know what you mean by a "symlink farm". Is the PEAR directory a
symlink to
somewhere else or is it more complex than that? I'm just trying to
figure out how to
replicate this properly.


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