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  ID: 19739
  Comment by: renaatdemuynck
  Reported By: renaat dot demuynck@gmail.com
  Summary: Pager-savebc.php installed in wrong directory
  Status: Open
  Type: Bug
  Package: Pager
  Package Version: 2.4.8
  PHP Version: 5.3.17
  New Comment:

I can confirm this bug. When I install Pager with Composer the 'real'
Pager class does not exist. If I then download the package manually and
replace the Pager.php file in the root dir, everything works fine.

Mads Lie Jensen's solution looks fine to me. I do NOT believe this is a
Composer issue.

Previous Comments:

[2012-12-10 08:15:11] madsliejensen

I'm using Composer to install pear-packages in a new project. But when
Pager is installed, the file Pager_savebc.php is saved as /Pager.php,
whereas it should be saved as /Pager/Pager.php

This then overwrites the 'real' /Pager.php, leaving me with an
installment where the class Pager is not to be found in any of the
resulting files.

Not knowing much about the package.xml-format, I think it looks like
this is happening because of this snippet:

      <install as="Pager.php" name="Pager_savebc.php" />

To me, it should look like:
      <install as="Pager/Pager.php" name="Pager_savebc.php" />

However, i realise this could also very well be composer that has a bug.


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