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ID: 18470
Updated by: demon.gene@gmail.com
Reported By: lawrence dot coffin at gmail dot com
Summary: Allow for 'long' open/close docblock lines
Status: Open
Type: Feature/Change Request
Package: PhpDocumentor
Operating System: Linux
Package Version: 1.4.3
PHP Version: Irrelevant
-Roadmap Versions:
+Roadmap Versions: 1.5.0a1
New Comment:

-Roadmap Versions:
+Roadmap Versions: 1.5.0a1

Previous Comments:

[2011-04-21 17:42:04] lcoffin

Any reason phpDocumentor shouldn't be able to handle 'long' docblock
open and close lines? I.e. for stylistic reasons, I prefer to use the
following format for important docblocks:

* Code Doc Block

It makes a huge difference in calling out docblocks for files, classes,
functions, etc.

Right now phpDocumentor strips off the leading '/**' and trailing '*/'
but leaves all the rest, so you get '****...' at the start and end of
all the documentation.

A simple patch is to replace the lines in phpDocumentorTParser.inc:

$word = substr($word, 2);
$word = substr($word, 0, strlen($word) - 2);

with something like:

$word = preg_replace('/^\/\*\**/', '', $word);
$word = preg_replace('/ \**\*\/$/', '', $word);

It would be great to have that officially included in phpDocumentor
rather than having to patch the code after each upgrade.



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