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ID: 18548
Updated by: helgith@gmail.com
Reported By: sebastian dot krebs dot berlin at googlemail dot com
Summary: Notice when handling packages with dependency groups
-Status: Open
+Status: Feedback
Type: Bug
Package: PEAR
Operating System: ubuntu-11.04
Package Version: 1.9.2
PHP Version: 5.3.6
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: dufuz
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

-Status: Open
+Status: Feedback
-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: dufuz

Previous Comments:

[2011-06-01 04:09:10] dufuz

What command were you running when this happened? Can you give me a
reproducible example?


[2011-05-19 10:44:11] kingcrunch

In Package.php:562-567 there is

foreach ($deps['group'] as $group) {
if (strtolower($group['attribs']['name']) ==
strtolower($groupname)) {
$found = true;

When I dump "$group" its like

array(2) {
array(2) {
string(5) "phing"
string(15) "pear.phing.info"
array(2) {
string(10) "PHP_Depend"
string(16) "pear.pdepend.org"

There is no key "attribs" at all.


[2011-05-19 00:29:02] kingcrunch

Notice: Undefined index: attribs in
PEAR/Downloader/Package.php on line 563
PHP Notice: Undefined index: attribs in
/usr/share/php/PEAR/Downloader/Package.php on line 563
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /usr/share/php/pearcmd.php:0
PHP 2. PEAR_Command_Common->run()
PHP 3. PEAR_Command_Install->doInstall()
PHP 4. PEAR_Command_Install->doUpgradeAll()
PHP 5. PEAR_Command_Install->doInstall()
PHP 6. PEAR_Downloader->download()
PHP 7. PEAR_Downloader_Package->detectDependencies()
PHP 8. PEAR_Downloader_Package->_detect2()

This occurs when handling packages, that contain dependency
groups. This groups are also not installable.


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