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ID: 16091
Updated by: cweiske@php.net
Reported By: izi at php dot net
Summary: Various problems on PEPR system
-Status: Assigned
+Status: Closed
Type: Bug
Package: pearweb
Package Version: 1.17.1
PHP Version: Irrelevant
Assigned To: cweiske
Roadmap Versions:
New Comment:

-Status: Assigned
+Status: Closed
Thank you for your bug report. This issue has been fixed
in the latest released version of the package, which you can download

That was a problem with the server configuration - PEAR_BOX was not set
to 1 when in SSL mode. This is fixed; mail works.

Previous Comments:

[2009-04-22 11:39:51] cweiske

-Assigned To:
+Assigned To: cweiske

I'll try to fix this.


[2009-04-12 11:05:44] izi

I think the PEPR system is broken, I experienced various strangenesses
during the Services_ReCaptcha proposal:

1. no mail was sent neither when I first proposed the PEPR nor each
time I updated the PEPR;

2. the package got 8 votes but only the first 3 votes notifications
were sent to pear-dev mailing list;

3. the package status is still "Call for votes", it should not:
* Status: Called for Votes
* Voting Will End: 2009-04-07 04:00 UTC
on 2009-04-07 there were 5 votes, so the PEPR should have the status
"Finished" now.

Test script:
1. create a new PEPR
2. update the PEPR
3. change status to "Call for votes"
4. vote for the PEPR
5. vote ends and the package has 5 or more votes

Expected result:
1. mail is sent to pear-dev
2. mail is sent to pear-dev
3. mail is sent to pear-dev
4. mail is sent to pear-dev on each vote
5. the PEPR status changes to "Finished"

Actual result:
1. no mail sent
2. no mail sent
3. no mail sent
4. sometimes the mail is sent, sometimes not...
5. the PEPR status is still "Call for votes"


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