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Steven N. Hirsch writes:

DESTROY is not necessarily called at the time the refcount hits zero.
Yes it is.
Perl cleans up objects without references only when leaving a scope.
i.e. that is when it decrements the REFCOUNT (in the FREETMPS/LEAVE).
D'oh. Sorry, I confused things with the way 'mortal' objects are treated.
Unless I really _am_ growing senile, aren't these recorded on a list of
things to be cleaned up on exit from a scope?
Yes. And "cleaned up" means doing an SvREFCOUNT_dec().
If when that is done count is zero the DESTROY happens.
But if something else has incremented REFCOUNT then SV lives on.

e.g. this makes

foo($a.$b) # pass a mortal as 1st arg
; # mortals cleaned up on ';'

sub foo
push @save,$_[0]; # REFCOUNT up

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