Okay, so I've been trying to get a perl interface to the wxWebKit
class, and have been *mostly* successful. If you've got OS X 10.3 or
better, http://www.sidhe.org/~dan/Wx-WebKit-0.02.tar.gz (it's hit
CPAN, but not the mirrors yet) gets you access to a webkit control,
which is good. Even works (mostly) which is better. (version 0.01
sorta works, except I didn't set @ISA right so you couldn't invoke
methods in any parent class. D'oh!)

It's that mostly part that has me puzzled, and I'm not sure if
there's a bug in my WxPerl code, my XS interface to the wxWebKit
class, or in the underlying wxWebKit class itself.

I've attached a test program (OS X only) that demonstrates the
problem. It's a hacked up wxGlade program, and has a main window
split in two, with the HTML rendering widget in the *right* side of
the window. If you run this with the USE_WEBKIT environment variable
unset, it used wxHtmlWindow, if you have the USE_WEBKIT env variable
set (any value) it uses wxWebKitCtrl.

The problem is that with the wxWebKitCtrl, the HTML widget is on the
*left* side of the window, not the right. (It's on the right, where
it should be, with the wxHtmlWindow widget) This is... surprising.
The size of the webkit control is correct -- it doesn't take up the
whole window, it's just like the upper-left corner coordinates are

I'm assuming the perl code's correct, since the only code difference
between the two html rendering widgets is which is created. It's
certainly possible I've bobbled the XS code somewhere, but there's
really not all that much to it so if there's a mistake I'm not seeing
it. (Not that it wouldn't be a blatantly obvious mistake, of course
-- these things usually are :) I'm kinda hoping the problem's not in
the underlying Wx 2.6.2 code, since that'll be something of a pain to

So, could someone take this and try and duplicate the problem, to see
if I screwed something up?

--------------------------------------it's like this-------------------
Dan Sugalski even samurai
dan@sidhe.org have teddy bears and even
teddy bears get drunk

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