At 6:51 PM -0500 3/9/06, Dan Sugalski wrote:
C:\Documents and Settings\Dan Sugalski\src\Wx-Mozilla-0.03>perl Makefile.PL
No such lib 'gl' at C:/Perl/site/lib/Wx/build/Config/Win32_MSVC.pm line 99.
Right, so this is apparently a bug of some sort in the MSVC bits of
Wx's build stuff. I gave up and installed MinGW to see if that
worked, and it does. Mostly. Except that it tells me it can't find
wxmozilla, and if I remove that requirement from the makefile.pl, the
resulting makefile's badly horked. (With a half dozen config::
targets, amongst other things)

I get the feeling there's some sort of Deep Magic I need to know to
get this going on Windows, but I just don't have it. Any pointers?
(I'm not a windows guy. OS X is my native platform, with linux
trailing as second these days, so I'm definitely flying blind)

--------------------------------------it's like this-------------------
Dan Sugalski even samurai
dan@sidhe.org have teddy bears and even
teddy bears get drunk

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