At 7:54 PM +0100 3/10/06, Mattia Barbon wrote:
At 6:51 PM -0500 3/9/06, Dan Sugalski wrote:
C:\Documents and Settings\Dan Sugalski\src\Wx-Mozilla-0.03>perl Makefile.PL
No such lib 'gl' at C:/Perl/site/lib/Wx/build/Config/Win32_MSVC.pm line 99.
Right, so this is apparently a bug of some sort in the MSVC bits of
Wx's build stuff.
Not quite: Wx is trying to find MSVC-compiled DLLs, but the PPM
install MinGW-built ones. They have different names (and if they
did have the same name they would not work anyway, so the different name
is a feature :-).
Aha! Gotcha, that makes sense. In that case I'm glad I installed
MinGW, and I'll stick with that as a compiler for this stuff.
I gave up and installed MinGW to see if that
worked, and it does. Mostly. Except that it tells me it can't find
It searches for libraries inside site_lib/auto/Wx/*.dll. It is
meant for main/contrib wxWidgets libraries, not for general use.
Damn. Is there an equivalent to wx-config for windows, or some other
way to beat the snot out of the build system to allow me to link
against the installed WxMozilla add-in widget set somehow?

I'd really like to get this going, even if I have to hop on one foot,
wave a dead chicken 'round the computer, and hack the hell out of the
makefiles and build programs. I've actually got this thing working on
Linux, at least well enough to pop up a window with a
WxMozillaBrowser widget in it, and poke at the widget a bit. (Which,
I must admit, surprised the heck out of me) Unfortunately I know
little enough about Wx, the WxMozilla widget, and the mozilla
embedded widget that I can't make it do enough to be useful (Like,
say, display HTML) but I'm not sure if it's me or the widget. If I
can get the darn thing building on windows I'll put together a PPM
and let folks have at it, which'd be quite cool.
and if I remove that requirement from the makefile.pl, the
resulting makefile's badly horked. (With a half dozen config::
targets, amongst other things)
Which make are you using?

I assume you are using ActivePerl 8xx. I am told that recent ActivePerls
can build modules with both MSVC and GCC. Older ActivePerls can only use
MSVC, unless you help them with ExtUtils::FakeConfig.
I'm using the most recent ActivePerl, downloaded about twenty minutes
before I started on the grand adventure that is building on windows.

Make is from the current MinGW dev tools release, whatever that is.
I've dumped MSVC for now, since I don't so much care about the
compiler as care about the ultimate result, i.e. a working
Wx::Mozilla module.


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