At 1:25 PM +0800 3/9/06, Foo Ji-Haw wrote:
I can help test on the Windows platform, if it is available!
It would need to be built -- the archive I pointed to is source-only.
I can probably build windows test installs if someone points me to
how, but I'd rather wait until I at least get some confirmation that
a mozilla html rendering widget can be instantiated.

I did mess up the MANIFEST, so the distribution's broken. I put a new
version up at http://www.sidhe.org/~dan/Wx-Mozilla-0.02.tar.gz to
grab. The right files are in here and I dropped the perl version
requirement to just 5.8.0, rather than 5.8.8, which seemed excessive.
Marcus wrote:
Thursday, March 9, 2006, 1:59:44 AM, you wrote:
Dan> I don't -- I built this on Linux.

Okay, I'll try on Linux, I was just using Windows at the moment
(for some reason). If it works on Linux then maybe it will build
with cygwin.

Mattia, do you use mingw or MSVC to make the Windows binaries for wxPerl?

--------------------------------------it's like this-------------------
Dan Sugalski even samurai
dan@sidhe.org have teddy bears and even
teddy bears get drunk

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