Okay, since wrapping mozilla's not a big enough project to tackle on
its own, I'm trying to get a Wx-based OS X app packaged up with
PerlWrapper. I see from the archives that people have done it, and I
followed the instructions to patch the 0.2 PerlWrapper distribution
up to work on Tiger (which worked) but... I can't seem to manage to
get any WxPerl code to actually *work* with it.

I think I followed the directions (make all the patches, throw the
perl modules and libraries into the bundle, patch the libraries, put
the perl code where it ought to go) and the app builds OK, but when
run through Xcode it just... exits with a code 0. Non-wx programs
work OK, so things are reasonably fine (I think) it's just the Wx
ones I'm having a problem with.

Could someone who's gotten Wx-based perl apps and PerlWrapper working
together give me a quick hand with this, even if they got it going on
10.3 instead of 10.4? I'd much appreciate it.

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