At 12:11 PM -0800 3/2/06, Donovan Allen wrote:
I have tested the Mozilla ActiveX plugin using the Wx::ActiveX
module and it works (have google in a Wx right now).

Since I haven't gotten around to fixing the Wx::ActiveX module (as
per a discussion some time ago), you would need to use the
Win32::OLE compatible object from GetOLE() for some of the method
and property calls.

Unfortunately, as with all things ActiveX, it is Windows centric and
may not be what you are looking for.
Yeah, I need this working on Win32, OS X, and Linux, so ActiveX isn't
gonna cut it. A shame, since that's the easy way out, but...
Hi Dan,

Dan Sugalski wrote:
Has anyone wrapped the mozilla embedded library for WxPerl the way
it's been done for Gtk (and Wx under Python) by any chance? I need
this, but I figured I'd check to see if someone'd done it before I
did it myself.
I do't think it has been tackled, yet. Last I heard was this:

And I'm still not clear whether the Mozilla ActiveX control

will work with Wx::ActiveX

though it seems that theoretically it should since, as the project
claims, "the Mozilla control implements exactly the same API [as the IE
control], it will mean that developers can take existing IE code and
port it, sometimes in a matter of minutes!"

Let us know how you do -- wrapping wxMozilla is quite a frequently
requested feature!

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