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Nathan Torkington [] quoth:
*>Jarkko Hietaniemi writes:
*>> fully portable, either. Rats. Creating policies is hard.
*>You're quite right. I shouldn't have started a policy debate,
*>as it's not about policies. We're deciding whether individual
*>modules should live or die.

But, won't a policy help guide the choices?

I don't wish to debate it either, but simplicity should be kept in mind
since it is far easier to add complexity to a system than to remove it.

The nice thing about modules is that one can pick and choose which ones
you wish to add to your system.

*>BSD::Resource lives! Hooray!

One thing we could do is note on the manifest which modules might be
platform specific and how to go about removing them if they are unwanted
or inappropriate.

Just a thought :)


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