Kurt D. Starsinic [kstar@chapin.edu] quoth:
*> Most content on CPAN has _some_ kind of support structure behind it,
*>at the very least the email address of PAUSE author. Some of the legacy
*>scripts have no attribution, or just an expired email address in a
*>comment. I suggest that anything on CPAN that has this sort of `dead
*>air' behind it is valueless, or of negative value. IMHO. :^)

Well put. Now, allow me to abstract an idea here since the "A" is for
Archive we might liken it to a library...something I know a bit about. All
information is not created equally, but, in an archival sense, are all
catalogued equally. The hallmark of a good librarian is one who organises
the information well, placing the most current at the front of the stacks.
This doesn't devalue the information kept in a box in the basement as long
as the librarian knows where to find it should it be requested. For
example, I required the Coronation Edition of Spencer's Fairie Queene and,
within 10 minutes, the librarian had returned from the bowels of the
library with a very dusty, but intact, copy.

So, longwindedly, I disagree on the valuelessness of some of the
cruft...look at what sells on e-bay these days ;) However, I would like to
see a front/current side of the stacks and a archival side for the
antiquarian, curious, and trailing edge people. Who knows, in 30 years,
these oddities may be great entertainment.


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