Simply Hao [hao@netaxs.com] quoth:
*>> The modules section of CPAN isn't peer reviewed either, everyone

Peer review is a lot like a board meeting...nothing really gets decided
and lots of good people and ideas get discouraged.

*> http://tpi.perl.org/cpan-testers/results.cgi

This information is also available at http://testers.cpan.org/

*>Does anyone see a benefit in having a MacOS section (MacPerl/MPW)?

You might ask Chris Nandor about that as I do believe they have some sort
of Mac Perl repository of some sort.

*>Does anyone think we should have scripts equivalent of CPAN testers?

One idea that I've got circling on my lazy susan of tuits is
scripts.perl.org which I'd like to see be a lot like freshmeat with
amazon.com like feedback for any number of tools and utilities out there.
Script testers would be good for platform specific issues...I would see it
as a complementary site to search.cpan.org.


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