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On Tuesday, May 27, 2003, at 01:25 PM, William R Ward wrote:

Even within the Amero-centric paradigm there are still some scenarios
your module may not handle (correct me if I'm wrong):

* Two or more middle names (e.g. George Herbert Walker Bush, British
nobility/royalty, etc.)
The second middle name can be handled as an extra argument, and added
to the format (or not) using %1.
* No middle name
If there is no middle name (it's undef or ''), then even if the format
has %m in it, it will not be displayed. This is the whole point of the
module, really -- to handle those situations where the available names
vary a great deal.
* Only a middle initial (e.g. Harry S. Truman, Bullwinkle J. Moose)
It will be included as an initial when using %m for middle name, the
middle initial with the period using %M, and the middle initial itself
using %I. The only caveat is that if you use %M with a name like
"Ulysses S Grant" (note the lack of a period), the middle initial will
be output as "S.". This is a rare case, however.
* First initial, goes by middle name (e.g. my mom, D. Colleen Ward)
Make the first name argument "D.", the middle name argument "Colleen",
and the last name argument "Ward".
* Last name is two words (e.g. a friend of mine, Joydeep Roy
Chowdhury; his last name is "Roy Chowdhury")
It's still a single scalar argument, "Roy Chowdhury", to strfname(). Of
course, the initial using %L would be "R.".

The upshot is that you pass in the various name parts you want
formatted into a string. Lingua::Strfname doesn't parse string into
name parts. For that, someone would have to write Lingua::Strpname. ;-)
And that would more likely have to be localized, e.g.,



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