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On Sunday, May 25, 2003, at 10:57 PM, Jarkko Hietaniemi wrote:

I now took a closer look and I must apologize, your module is not that
English-specific. Oh, whew!
But the 'first, middle, last, extras' is a bit difficult.
That is somehow... errr, "culturally Western European", probably.
The good/bad news is that I haven't ever seen a comprehensive solution
or terminology that would solve this. Some examples that come to mind:

family_name given_name [Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian]

given_name patronymic (male) [Icelandic, some Indic] [2]
given_name matronymic (female)

several levels of patronymics [Arabic]

given_name (Tamil)

[1] At least you didn't go by "ChristianName Surname".
[2] 'Gurusamy Sarathy' being one example.
Well, I admit that the terms are Amero-centric, and they suggest an
order, as well. But the format placeholders are simple strings (%f, %m,
%l, etc.), and to a certain extent, they can be considered arbitrary. I
wouldn't want to change those, but would have no objection to changing
what they're called in the docs, provided some more or less universally
neutral terms could be put forward.

Maybe I should just go through my anthropology texts and look for
kinship terminology used in that discipline...

At any rate, even if the docs change, I don't think that the interface
would change in the slightest.



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