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Errr, no, why would it be in the wrong top category? Though you might
want to migrate it to Lingua::EN:: since it's rather English specific.
Well, I tried not to make it English specific. It doesn't really care
what language is used, or what order the names are displayed in. And if
there are more parts than the default (first, middle, last, prefix,
suffix), they can be passed in as extra arguments -- up to 5 of them,

If it's perceived as English specific in some way, I'd rather try to
eliminate the things that make it so, or eliminate the perception,
rather than move it.
I now took a closer look and I must apologize, your module is not that

But the 'first, middle, last, extras' is a bit difficult.
That is somehow... errr, "culturally Western European", probably.
The good/bad news is that I haven't ever seen a comprehensive solution
or terminology that would solve this. Some examples that come to mind:

family_name given_name [Chinese, Japanese, Hungarian]

given_name patronymic (male) [Icelandic, some Indic] [2]
given_name matronymic (female)

several levels of patronymics [Arabic]

given_name (Tamil)

[1] At least you didn't go by "ChristianName Surname".
[2] 'Gurusamy Sarathy' being one example.

Jarkko Hietaniemi <[email protected]> "There is this special
biologist word we use for 'stable'. It is 'dead'." -- Jack Cohen

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